It is often observed that women do not pay attention to the clothing they wear to work, however, this might be the first impression of yourself to your employers and it can also lift the image of your company. Here are a few tips for dressing corporate:

1. Investing in a few high-quality tailored garments will enrich your look better than several ‘cheaper’ outfits. Different blouse styles, colours and accessories can be used to create a variety of looks together with your tailored garments

2. Charcoal, navy and black remain the best suiting colours in the corporate industry and can be paired with subtle patterns that appear solid or something more colourful if it is part of your corporate colours – extreme patterns, heavy stripes and shocking colours should be kept for weekend attire.
3. Tailored slacks are a good option and should always be pressed, wrinkle free and clean. Good quality polyester blends are a good option as it does not wrinkle and has ‘wash and wear’ qualities. Heavy cotton fabrics should be avoided. The hem should cover the ankle but not touch the floor. Slacks should fit well and not show any underwear lines – if it shows, its too tight.
4. Blouses and shirts should be tailor fitted and not be too tight or too baggy. Light woven polyesters drapes nicely but should not be see-through. A deep neckline is not appropriate for the corporate environment and remains a big no-no together with spaghetti tops as this is too revealing for the office.
5. Skirts and dresses should always fit properly and should not be too short. Your thighs should not show when sitting down and slits should not be any higher than the back of you knee. The dress or skirt should not make it uncomfortable to walk or climb stairs.
6. Your shoe colour should always compliment your outfit, and you should always be able to walk comfortably. Flip Flops, chunky heels or overly-high stilettos should be avoided.
7. Jewellery and make up should be elegant – pearls earrings paired with a chunky item can still look professional, but chandelier earrings and stacked bangles could be overbearing. Loud make up looks should be avoided – rather go for a natural nude look.